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V Rising

To build up a successful game launch, Proxy Talent assisted Stunlock Studios’ launch of V Rising’s early access by bringing together 11 content creators from adjacent genres in the live streaming space.

Setting the Stage

V Rising is Stunlock Studios’ first open-world, vampire survival game. To promote the early access launch, Proxy Talent selected popular creators from the League of Legends, VALORANT, and variety scene to spread the word about V Rising while organically demonstrating the multiplayer PVP features.

Effects of a Successful Launch

Tyler1 and his team played a pivotal role in achieving the highest Twitch viewership in the V Rising category, making a substantial impact on game sales within the initial days and continuing to drive success in the following week.

Across 11 content creators with an average following of 2.5M, Proxy helped achieve:


unique viewers


Instagram impressions


average viewers


peak viewers

KartRider: Drift

Looking to build excitement around KartRider: Drift, Proxy Talent brought together a group of family friendly creators with high reach to bring in new players to the most recent installment of the legendary KartRider series.

Creating High Impact Groups

KartRider: Drift, Nexon's 2004 Crazyracing KartRider successor, retains the essence of the original while introducing crossplay across PC, mobile, and console. In partnership with Nexon, Proxy Talent curated a diverse group of high-profile creators spanning communities such as VALORANT, League of Legends, TFT, and more.

Fulfilling Nexon’s Goals

This initiative sought to introduce KartRider: Drift to a diverse audience, emphasizing its new features. Proxy Talent carefully chose creators new to the KartRider series, ensuring a friendly and accessible presentation for all audiences. The campaign generated widespread visibility, accumulating substantial views across creators' livestreams.

Across 12 content creators with an average following of 1.1M, Proxy helped achieve:


unique viewers


Twitter & Instagram impressions


average viewers


total live views

Tyler1 x DreamHack Dallas

In 2023, Proxy played an instrumental role in boosting the success of DreamHack Dallas, the most attended North American DreamHack festival of all time attracting over 44,000 attendees from 38 countries over the 3 day event. We proudly facilitated the special appearance of internet sensation, Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp, in the event's Creator Hub. Tyler's presence undoubtedly amplified the event's reach and showcased our commitment to bridging top-tier talent with renowned global events.

DHDAL23 | Tyler1
Esther Choi x KPRVerse

Seeking to launch their Web3 ramen brand, Boon Ramen, KPRverse set out in search for a star who could bring this brand to life. Proxy Talent brought in social media icon and celebrity chef Esther Choi.

Matching the Talent to Client

By matching the talent to the client, Proxy resulted in effective results and lasting partnerships. Looking to fulfill KPR’s goal of bringing people together, Proxy introduces Chef Esther Choi’s audience to KPR’s metaverse, while also bringing their community of Keepers closer together through the universal means of food.

Effective Results & Lasting Partnerships

KPR debuted Neon Sushi and Boon Ramen, a curated pop-up in New York, blending chef Choi's culinary expertise with the Web3 community. The invite-only event, attended by enthusiasts, showcased specially crafted dishes and laid the groundwork for KPR's ongoing partnership with chef Choi, now their 'Chief Noodle Officer' and central figure in the Web3 game, Ramen Wars.